Change the appearance of your home with a driveway

Red block paving

Red block paving driveway

Are you happy with the exterior appearance of your home? If you have a driveway, is it weathered or damaged? A new driveway can drastically improve the appearance of your home. It will brighten up the look of your whole property and significantly increase kerb appeal.

Driveway choices with Dolphin Home Improvements

At Dolphin Home Improvements we install driveways in a range of different materials.

  • Red and black tarmac
  • Concrete
  • Block paving
  • Cobblestone
  • Brick
  • Decorative gravel

The material you choose will depend on your taste, the character of your property, and the driveway’s usage. Decorative gravel is relatively cheap and easy to lay. It requires fewer supporting layers than a hard surface and looks great on sweeping driveways in larger properties. Decorative gravel is also an excellent choice for footpaths or to extend either side of an existing tarmac drive.

Block paving is an increasingly popular choice. Laid in a herringbone pattern, the blocks look stylish and will immediately improve the appearance of any style of property. For the slightly less expensive option; bricks can be used to give a similar effect.

Cobblestones are perfect for driveways on period properties. They can be sourced in a variety of colours and sizes to perfectly match all property types. Unlike decorative gravel, which is laid loose on the driveway; cobblestones must be set into a bedding layer of concrete for increased stability.

Concrete is a reasonably priced and durable option. To avoid looking too austere, the concrete can be ‘stamped’ to improve its’ final appearance. This involves tinting the poured concrete and stamping it with a pattern before it dries.

Tarmac is an ever-popular choice for driveway re-surfacing. New tarmac will significantly improve the exterior aesthetic of your home, especially when it matches the road that leads to your drive. With good foundation work, a tarmacked drive will last for decades.

Driveway specialists in North London

Large tarmac

Tarmac driveway

When you’re thinking about replacing your driveway, Dolphin Home Improvements are the people to come to. Whether you want more parking space or a different appearance to your home’s exterior, a new driveway is for you.

If you want to add value to your property and enjoy the benefits of improved outside space, call Dolphin Home Improvements on 0800 999 7719 or contact us online. We are always happy to advise you on the best options for your property.

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