What part of your home would you most like to extend?

Extension with dining room and kitchen

We all want to maximise the space our home provides. Whether it’s for more storage, more room to entertain guests or an ever expanding family; having enough floor space is often the modern dilemma. If you had the opportunity to extend your home, which part would you focus on?

Home extensions with Dolphin Home Improvements

At Dolphin Home Improvements we offer a range of solutions for your home extension project. No matter how big or small your renovation plans, we’ve got the building skills and experience to help you to make your dreams become reality.

  • Traditional home extensions – If you want a traditional brick built extension, we’ve got the expertise to meet all your requirements. Your extension could be single or double storey. It could connect to your kitchen, living room or dining area. Electrics, plumbing, plastering, decorating. You name it, we’ve got it covered.
  • Orangeries – If you’d prefer your extension to incorporate more of your outdoor space, perhaps an orangery is for you. Our range of orangeries maximise natural light intake and are both extremely energy efficient and stylishly designed. The combination of brickwork and glazing incorporates the best of both worlds. An orangery is solidly built to feel cosy and secure while also letting in enough light to feel fresh and airy.
  • Loft conversions – Why not utilise the space already provided by your home? A loft conversion will not only increase living space, it will also improve insulation, saving you money on reduced heating bills. If your loft is full of ‘stuff’, don’t worry; our loft conversion specialists can incorporate a large amount of storage space into your conversion plans. The eaves of your roof can be used to provide ample storage space alongside excellent insulation.
  • Garage conversions – If your home has a garage, are you using it in the best way possible? Over time most people end up using their garage as a dumping ground for toys, lawnmowers, tools, paint pots, the list is endless. Very few people actually use their garage to house their car. Converting your garage will add an extra room to your property. This extra room could be used as an extra bedroom, a play room, living area, extended kitchen. The list is as versatile as your imagination allows.

Extension inspiration

External view of large orangery extension

If you’ve been thinking about a home extension but you’re unsure where to start; give us a call on 0800 999 7719 or send us a message online. Our team of industry experts are sure to know just what’s needed to maximise your home’s potential.

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